Skin Cancer Clinic

Skin Alert Cancer Clinic - Cairns

Skin Alert Skin Cancer Clinic is dedicated to early detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin cancer. We offer a full range of the most up-to-date treatment modalities and specialist referrals as required.

Our doctors are highly trained and experienced in skin cancer diagnosis and management. We offer a holistic approach and believe prevention and repairing go hand in hand.



Some patients require a whole body check while others may only want specific spots examined. You need to inform the doctor which you prefer. For a whole body check, you will be asked to remove all clothing except undergarments. Please limit or do not wear fake-tan, make-up or nail polish.

The Doctor will then examine the skin on the face, neck, legs, arms and torso, fingers and toes, soles of feet and palms of hands. Sometimes skin cancers can occur in non-sun exposed areas. Please inform the doctor if there are any “hidden” lesions that you would like to be checked.

What to look for:
  • any crusty sores that won’t heal
  • small red, pale or pearly lumps
  • any new spots, freckles or moles that change in colour, size, shape or thickness over a period of weeks to months
  • particularly look for any spots that are dark brown to black, red or blue-black in colour.
How often to look:
  • you should check your own skin every three months
  • you should have your skin checked with your GP or at our skin cancer clinic once every year or as advised by your Doctor.
How to look:

You should check your face, neck and ears, scalp, front and back of torso, buttocks, arms, legs, hands, palms, feet, soles, and between fingers and toes and finger and toe nails it may help to use a hand held mirror. You may also like to ask your partner or a person you trust to help you look in areas such as your back and scalp which you often cannot see.

Who is at risk?
  • spent your childhood in Australia
  • a large number of moles
  • ever suffered from sunburn
  • fair skin that burns easily and does not tan
  • blue or green eyes
  • fair or red hair
  • diagnosed with a melanoma in the past
  • Family history of Melanoma